Part-y On: Four Things to Know About Toyota’s Newest Parts Distribution Center

After two years of planning and nine months of construction, Toyota opened the doors to its newest parts distribution center (PDC) in Phoenix last month.

It’s great news for Toyota and Lexus dealers across the Southwest. They’ll get their parts delivered faster, which means a quicker turnaround for vehicle services, which means happier customers.

“The Phoenix PDC will improve service and support for our Southwest area Toyota and Lexus dealers,” said Jason Brown, senior manager for Toyota’s Parts Supply Chain Operations group. “The opening of this new world-class facility will minimize order fulfillment times and offer new service options to better serve customers and meet increasing demand.”

Here’s what you need to know about the newest PDC, what happens there, and how they’re getting it done safely in the midst of a pandemic.
Welcome to the Family -- Say hello to Toyota’s newest parts distribution center (PDC) in Phoenix, Arizona. Once it’s fully stocked, the PDC will hold approximately 56,000 Toyota and Lexus parts.

It’s a Game Changer Until now, Toyota dealers in the Southwestern United States received their parts from either the Los Angeles Parts Distribution Center (LAPDC) or San Francisco Parts Distribution Centers (SFPDC). With this newest PDC in Phoenix, an Arizona dealer could feasibly order a part at the end of a business day and receive it before opening the next morning – something that wasn’t possible before. The Phoenix PDC will also offer same-day service for some areas. In this scenario, dealers could have a vehicle back to a customer the same day.

Far-Reaching Impact The PDC will serve 56 Toyota and Lexus dealers across Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah.

By the Numbers The new PDC is huge – it covers 136,000 square feet and holds approximately 56,000 Toyota and Lexus parts. It will also provide 61 new jobs in the community.

COVID-19 Precautions The PDC is implementing local and national COVID-19 safety guidelines as it protects team members and serves dealers. This includes:
  The new PDC is expected to be fully operational July 20th.

By Kristen Orsborn