New Car Alert: 2020 Corolla Hybrid

The rollout of the all-new 2020 Corolla was already a compelling product story. But at the Los Angeles Auto Show today, Toyota adds an electrifying epilogue: the unveiling of the first-ever Corolla Hybrid.
Where does it fit in our lineup?
By adapting the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive that powers the fourth-generation Prius, Corolla Hybrid becomes the most fuel-efficient version of the venerable sedan that debuted more than 50 years ago.

How does it drive?
Efficient, as expected. But also spirited. Here’s why:

But, how does it look?

These first photos are just a start. A bunch more will be available closer to launch. But, for now, here’s a few details to keep you going:

Who’s going to buy them?

People who value electrifying design as well as electrified power that delivers exceptional fuel efficiency.

When does it go on sale?

Next spring.
Tell me something I don’t know.
The latest iteration of Toyota’s hybrid powertrain isn’t just about fuel economy. Case in point: When starting from a standing stop, its electric motor provides a subtle power boost. That reduces the strain on the gas engine, kicking the Corolla’s linear acceleration up a notch.

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Also, here's a handy intro to the gas-powered version of the new Corolla.

By Dan Miller