The Augmented Reality of Lexus IS

Think the new Lexus IS looks sharp in photos? You should see its 360-degree view in augmented reality.

You see, limitations caused by the COVID-19 crisis are leading to innovations. And when the Lexus IS reveal went virtual, Lexus’ corporate communications team needed a way to immerse customers and enthusiasts.

So, they came up with an app that showcases IS in all its glory. The most fun feature in Lexus AR Play App – available for Apple and Android phones now – is the ability to project a 3D image of the IS wherever you are. But there’s plenty more to whisk you away to the world of IS.

For instance, you can virtually:  
See that last one, “take photos for sharing”? We know a chance for engagement when we see it. So here’s a spicy proposition: Download Lexus AR Play, use it to snap a photo featuring the virtual IS in whatever setting you want, and send it to us at Do that, and you may win an Uber Eats gift card.

By Dan Nied